Engage, emote, connect. 

ROY G BIV Gallery champions emerging artists by presenting thought provoking exhibitions that increase the public's awareness of the artists' work and enhance the cultural diversity of Central Ohio by focusing on artistic merit alone. Inclusion in a ROY G BIV Gallery exhibition is often the opportunity that emerging artists need to further their careers. Additionally, ROY provides educational programming and networking opportunities for members and the community.

An anchoring presence in Columbus since 1989, ROY is known for showcasing innovative contemporary art by emerging artists, both local and global. ROY impacts the community by supporting neighborhood activities and arts groups, hosting outside organizations in its gallery space and collaborating with other arts institutions on events and promotion.


A space to shift and bend. 

Visit us in Franklinton, at 435 W Rich St. We are open Wednesday-Sunday, from 12-6pm, as well as 7-10 pm during Franklinton Fridays, on the second Friday of each month. (Please note that the gallery typically closes for installation the Sunday-Thursday prior to an exhibition’s opening)


Merit over profit. 


The artists we show aren't based on what people will buy. In fact, our most successful shows might not sell anything at all. We find the most value in the experience of the show and the cultivation of an appreciation for art. 


Exposure over understanding.


It's not about intent. It's about impact. Our exhibitions challenge the status quo and don't demand visitors to adopt a particular viewpoint. We simply ask that you feel, interact, and engage with what's in front of you.