Small Works & Thumb Box

December 5, 2015 - January 30, 2016

ROY G BIV Gallery partners with the Ohio Art League to present Small Works & Thumb Box, a special two-month exhibition of small and affordable artwork by our member artists. This exhibition fills the gallery with a variety artwork in all styles and mediums.

Alexandra Fresch ,  The Trek
Zach Coneybeer ,  Untitled (Memory Landscape)

Zach Coneybeer, Untitled (Memory Landscape)

Amy Lewis,  Argus

Amy Lewis, Argus

Andrew Ina ,  Conform 6

Andrew Ina, Conform 6

Brett Barton ,  Reflecton II

Brett Barton, Reflecton II

Dustin Weatherby,  On Coast (Leg Logs Series)

Dustin Weatherby, On Coast (Leg Logs Series)

Paul Wilbur,  Fort Hayes

Paul Wilbur, Fort Hayes

Steven Elbert,  Palette Abstraction No.3

Steven Elbert, Palette Abstraction No.3

Samantha Oxley,  Mask Series

Samantha Oxley, Mask Series

Erica Barajas,  Hydrophilic Tendencies

Erica Barajas, Hydrophilic Tendencies

Anna Drewes,  Jellyfish Dance #2

Anna Drewes, Jellyfish Dance #2

Brett Barton ,  Reflection I

Brett Barton, Reflection I

Holly Leonard , Breakfast Study

Holly Leonard, Breakfast Study

Mary Pat Turner ,  Mini Friendship II

Mary Pat Turner, Mini Friendship II

Sean Merchant,  Impression of a Barn Side

Sean Merchant, Impression of a Barn Side

Tracee Hein,  Untitled (gray, white)

Tracee Hein, Untitled (gray, white)

April Waltz,  Captivity

April Waltz, Captivity



Nick Stull ,  Untitled

Nick Stull, Untitled

Bill Wood,  Streaking Clouds

Bill Wood, Streaking Clouds

Andrea Baumgartner,  Stratocumulus I

Andrea Baumgartner, Stratocumulus I

Brett Barton,  Reflection III

Brett Barton, Reflection III

David Pickard,  Circus Tent

David Pickard, Circus Tent

Lynda McClanahan,  Lace #1

Lynda McClanahan, Lace #1

Patti Vincent ,  Romeo
Sheryl Lazenby,  Dot

Sheryl Lazenby, Dot



Benjamin Yacavone ,  Save it for later

Benjamin Yacavone, Save it for later