Shift @ Wild Goose Creative

ROY G BIV Gallery presents Shift, a pop-up group show about changes and transitions, juried by local artist and educator Laurie VanBalen.

Haley Manchon,  Traveller , screen print, colored pencil, and marker on Duralar, 17"x6"

Haley Manchon, Traveller, screen print, colored pencil, and marker on Duralar, 17"x6"

Exhibiting Artists

William Cares, Katy Dai, Lou Eberhard, Emily Greenberg, Sasinun Kladpetch, Haley Manchon, Christina Polosky, Whitney Sage and Dan Jian

Juror Bio

Laurie VanBalen is a visual artist from central Ohio. Her career in the arts spans 35 years of commissioned paintings and works in private collections, exhibits, book illustration and graphic design. She is the founder and director of Art Soup Studio, which provides creative workshops and programs for schools, libraries and community centers, in addition to classes for all ages in her home studio. She is the project director and producer of The Columbus Crossing Borders Project, an initiative with a mission to inspire understanding, compassion and support for refugees, currently in production as a traveling art exhibit and documentary film.

Installation view

Installation view

Katy Dai,  Insomnolence,  ceramic, acrylic paint and gloss, dimensions variable

Katy Dai, Insomnolence, ceramic, acrylic paint and gloss, dimensions variable

Juror Statement

When there are 60 entries to a juried show that speak to you in compelling and thoughtful ways, being the juror does not come easy.  As these works were generally strong in design and skill, I found myself needing to rely on two vital questions to guide me through the selection process:  "How does the artist address the theme of this show and how affective is that communication?"   


There is a candor about these works, with a mix of integrity and intimacy, that gives great power to the art.  Ultimately, as I was choosing the final pieces for this exhibit, I had to allow my selection process to be as intuitive as the creation of art itself. 


I thank ROY G BIV for inviting me to be a part of this show whose "Shift" theme seems exceptionally poignant -- and synchronistic --  at this moment.   For, not only is Roy G Biv preparing their  'shift' to a new location, but on deeper levels, these works reflect profound personal transitions that are currently taking place in a country caught up in its own major shift, as if trying to find its way back to itself.