ROY asks

ROY G BIV seeks to provoke and disrupt. To awe and awaken.

To move us from controversy to conversation. 

We want our audiences to be challenged. We want our artists to feel supported and given a voice. We want everyone to feel that art is for them, even if they don’t understand it fully. All we ask is that they step into this experience and open themselves to new possibilities.


With each exhibition we ask artists if they would like to pARTicipate in answering a series of questions. We hope their answers will start a conversation between artist and viewer, leading to deeper understanding and appreciation of art.

Thank you for Entering In.

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In this exhibit, artists have made work about place, community, and the spaces we inhabit. HOME might be where we grow our roots, where we are uprooted from or where we wish to be. HOME might be a physical location, a mental refuge, or a group of people. HOME is something that we can shape and that can also shape us.