Leonard Suryajaya | Jessika Edgar

October 3-31, 2015

ROY G BIV Gallery presents Leonard Suryajaya and Jessika Edgar. Suryajaya’s photos and videos explore intimacy, anxiety and sexuality. Edgar’s ambiguous sculptures reference the human form.

Leonard Suryajaya,  Mom as Bodhisattva , 2015, Archival inkjet print

Leonard Suryajaya, Mom as Bodhisattva, 2015, Archival inkjet print

Leonard Suryajaya: Bathe me when I die

Suryajaya explores intimacy, anxiety of displacement, and questions of selfhood in the context of family, culture and sexuality. Suryajaya presents personal narrative and storytelling through photography, video and performance. The exhibition confronts the ubiquity of the lens-based medium and exoticism in looking. It invites the viewer to reflect on their own understanding and experience of self and cultural identity, relationships and the validity of intimacy.

Influenced by the cultural milieu of a childhood in Indonesia, Suryajaya now lives and works in Chicago, IL. Suryajaya earned his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015 and his BFA from California State University in 2013. Suryajaya has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Illinois, California and Indonesia.

Jessika Edgar,  Finger Plant , 2014, Ceramic, copper leaf, 39” x 40” x 13”.

Jessika Edgar, Finger Plant, 2014, Ceramic, copper leaf, 39” x 40” x 13”.

Jessika Edgar: Objects from a Hypothetical Self-Contained Separate Reality

Edgar presents five new ceramic sculptures, which allude to the human form. Inspired by French philosopher George Bataille’s concep of “I’informe” (formlessness), Edgar explores representation of objects that blur categories and identification. Edgar is interested in expanding the notion of “formlessness” in relation to socially constructed identity and value, while referencing contemporary media imagery related to gender, beauty and material desire.

Jessika Edgar is a mixed-media ceramic artist. Edgar received her MFA in Ceramics from Cranbrook Acaemy of Art in 2011. She earned her BA and MA in Art from California State University Northridge (in 2008 and 2009, respectively). Edgar exhibits and lectures nationally. She is Assistant Professor and Area Head of Ceramics at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM.