Laura Makar | Virginia Kistler

November 5-26, 2016

ROY G BIV Gallery presents work by Laura Makar and Virginia Kistler. Makar’s elaborate cut paper compositions captivate with their detailed abstract configurations. Kistler records fleeting impressions created by urban spaces, flora and fauna.


Laura Makar

Makar’s elaborate cut paper compositions are the result of her fascination with drawing. They rely on intricate line work that materializes into detailed abstract forms. The complex shadows cast by her delicate hand cut paper emphasize the intangible spaces between, engaging the viewer on micro and macroscopic levels. Memory plays a significant role in her process. Her meticulous pieces are a way of documenting the repetition she observes on a day-to-day basis.

Makar earned her BFA at Bowling Green State University and her MFA at Wayne State University. She was awarded the 2013 Thomas C. Rumble Graduate Fellowship, WSU, and recently received an award for her artwork at the 2015 MFAC Exhibition, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. She has exhibited her work nationally, including exhibitions in California, Georgia, New York, and North Dakota. Makar currently serves as Gallery Manager at the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery and Art Department Gallery, WSU.


Virginia Kistler

Kistler records fleeting impressions created by urban spaces, flora and fauna. In doing so she calls attention to the ubiquity of urban landscapes and the absence of biodiversity within them. Her subject matter is broad, ranging from fungi, to audio recordings of birds, to green-space maps from her own neighborhood. She uses her findings to create sculptural forms and photographic images that, while static themselves, are suggestive of the constantly changing world they come from.

Kistler lives and works in Gahanna, Ohio. She is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in sculpture and photography while using a variety of media—laser cut rubber, cnc router-cut plastic, and 3D printed plastic. She has shown work nationally and internationally and has been commissioned by the Lincoln Motor Company, the Dayton Metropolitan Library, and the city of Columbus to create permanent works of sculpture.