Keith Lemley

November 7-28, 2015

Keith Lemley,  Penumbral , 2015, Neon tubes

Keith Lemley, Penumbral, 2015, Neon tubes

Keith Lemley: Penumbral

Penumbral is an installation of freestanding multicolor neon tubes that fills the space with colorful washes of light. The angular forms reference current scientific research that connects disparate theories and parts of the universe through a problem of geometry. Lemley writes, “The idea of an underlying geometry that is ubiquitous yet invisible is compelling, but of even more interest to me is the process and mode of discovery itself”.

Keith Lemley splits his time between Kent, OH and Core, WV. He recieved his MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2010 and BFA in Sculpture from the Pennsylvania State University, in 2005.