Nate Ricciuto

August 6-27, 2016

Nate Ricciuto,  A Stable Foundation , 2016, Mirrored glass, aluminum, fasteners, tricycle

Nate Ricciuto, A Stable Foundation, 2016, Mirrored glass, aluminum, fasteners, tricycle

Nate Ricciuto: Surrogate Activities

Ricciuto’s installation of curious devices blurs the direction between internal psychology and external reality. His work considers the ways that optical devices and technology have utilized glass to shape the human perception of the world. Ricciuto’s exhibition centers around the concept of “surrogate activities,” a term coined by Unabomber Ted Kaczynski in his 1996 manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future. “Surrogate activities” are pursuits directed toward achieving artificial goals that provide reassurance in what otherwise may be confusing times.

Ricciuto is an artist living and working in Columbus, OH. He earned an MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and has taught as Adjunct Faculty at both Temple University and the Ohio State University. His work has been featured in the Corning Museum of Glass New Glass Review. In 2016, Ricciuto was the recipient of a fellowship at the WheatonArts Creative Glass Center of America and was selected to be an Emerging Artist in Residence at Pilchuck Glass School