Jeremy Plunkett | Elise P. Church

May 7-28, 2016

ROY G BIV presents work by Jeremy Plunkett and Elise P. Church. Plunkett’s paintings find beauty in plastic grocery bags. Church’s mixed-media collages capture nostalgia for the 1960s.

Jeremy Plunkett,  Hydra, 2014 , oil on panel

Jeremy Plunkett, Hydra, 2014, oil on panel

Jeremy Plunkett

Plunkett will exhibit paintings and prints from his series RECEPTACLE, which finds beauty in everyday plastic grocery bags. Using these bags on a regular basis, Plunkett became interested in the way they catch, diffuse and bend light. In this series of work, Plunkett renders these bags in dramatic light and shadow reminiscent of Baroque paintings. The artist aims to cast new light on these familiar objects and to trigger reflection on their mass use and wastefulness.

Jeremy Plunkett is a painter and printmaker residing in Glendale WI. He received his MFA in Painting from Ohio University in 2008 and his BFA in Drawing/Printmaking from Bowling Green State University in 2005. Recent solo exhibitions include CONTAINER at Manifest Gallery (Cincinnati, OH) and PAUSE at the Bing-Davis Memorial Gallery at Upper Iowa University (Fayette, IA).

Elise P. Church,  L.A. Skyline , 2015, acrylic, ink and gesso on paper

Elise P. Church, L.A. Skyline, 2015, acrylic, ink and gesso on paper

Elise P. Church

Church will exhibit photo collages, painting and an installation of photo fragments. To capture her nostalgia for the 1960s, Church works with discarded and forgotten materials, such as scraps of kitchen wallpaper or old family photos. The artist also uses old photos as reference for her paintings, and she carefully mimics the subtle, desaturated tones of the analog age of photography. Salvaging and recycling the printed photograph in a digital world is important for the artist because, she writes “nothing feels permanent anymore”. Church’s work recaptures the elusive “lost presence “ of a past time.

Elise P. Church is a mixed-media artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She has studied at the Lacoste School of Arts (Lacoste, France), Parsons School of Design (Paris, France) and Cooper Union (New York, NY). Recent exhibitions venues include Proto Gallery (Hoboken, NY), Gallery Molly Krom (New York, NY) and Castello 925 (Venice, Italy)