Alicia Little | Woomin Kim

ROY G BIV Gallery presents works by Alicia Little and Woomin Kim. Little’s abstract sculptures fluctuate between familiarity and obscurity. Kim’s woven and crocheted fur pieces contrast domesticity with wildness.

March 4-25, 2017

Alicia Little,  Untitled , 2016, single channel video still

Alicia Little, Untitled, 2016, single channel video still

Alicia Little

Little will exhibit a series of abstract sculptures that fluctuate between familiarity and obscurity. Little covers plastic or paper forms in coats of pastel latex paint. Her paintings lean against walls and slouch over, posturing and gesturing towards weakness or vulnerability. At times the forms reference something figural and at other times they look completely foreign. The deflated shapes are at odds with the smooth paint they are covered in, providing the work with a sense of precariousness and tension a body might experience while simply existing in space.

Little was born in 1990 in Cincinnati, OH. Using abstract shapes and colors, she is interested in forming works that occupy the space between painting and sculpture. She received a BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2013, and is currently a graduate student in the Department of Art at Ohio State University, class of 2018. She lives and works in Columbus, OH.

Woomin Kim,  Unknown Species , 2016, shaved fur coats

Woomin Kim, Unknown Species, 2016, shaved fur coats

Woomin Kim

Kim will exhibit a series of works that explore the differences between domesticity and wildness. Kim focuses on the placement of animals in contemporary, urban setting. Taken from their original context and modified, Kim weaves and crochets sculptures made of fur harvested from used coats. The resulting forms parallel the depiction of animals in modern society—as characters in movies, captives in zoos, as pets, etc. Those presentations of animals, like Kim’s sculptures, are flattened, abstracted, and homogenized versions of the original, done so to somehow obscure their natural state.

In 2015 Kim graduated with an MFA from the School of Art Institute in Chicago. She holds an MFA and BFA from Seoul National University, Korea. She has exhibited widely throughout Seoul and Chicago and recently had a juried show in Los Angeles and Boston. Kim is the recipient of the KCCLA Best of Show and a Joan Mitchell Foundation Emerging Artist Grant Program Finalist Award. She participated in residencies including Vermont Studio Center with a full fellowship award, ACRE Residency and HATCH Projects in Chicago. Kim lives and works in East Boston, Massachusetts.