Lexie Stoia

November 7-28, 2015

Lexie Stoia,  Corn Lodge , 2015, Straw, cornstalks, glass, light, sound

Lexie Stoia, Corn Lodge, 2015, Straw, cornstalks, glass, light, sound

Lexie Stoia: Corn Meditations

This exhibition concerns the corn harvest rituals of Stoia’s fictitious community called The Way Out. The group attempted to establish a lunar community and failed, which impelled them to return home to the Midwest. The installation Corn Lodge is a place for deep meditation at the height of the harvest season. Stoia is reluctant to disclose to outsiders the exact goings-on in the Corn Lodge. But she would to share her book Corn Meditations with you. Corn Meditations guides you through different seasons of the year with self-hypnosis scripts, based on the life cycle of corn.

Lexie Stoia was born in Alliance, Ohio and grew up in Cleveland. She received an MFA in Visual Arts from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2014 and a BA in Music/Audio Recording Technology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.