Ryan W. Kelly

June 4-25, 2016

Ryan W. Kelly,  Sh*t Yeah Centaur , 2016, ceramic

Ryan W. Kelly, Sh*t Yeah Centaur, 2016, ceramic

Ryan W. Kelly

Kelly will turn the gallery into a replica domestic space, complete with painted backdrops, furniture, floor cloths, a faux fireplace and peculiar ceramic tchotchkes. Kelly imagined the installation as the home of a fever-dreaming follower of the Bloomsbury Group (the early 20th century group of writers, artists and intellectuals, notably Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell). To decorate the installation, Kelly has created objects that function both as props in the larger tableau and as a portrait of the fictional, idiosyncratic inhabitant.

Kelly holds an MFA from The Ohio State University and a BFA in Ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute. His work encompasses performances, video and object-based installations. For two years he has been a Visiting Professor at The Ohio State University in Ceramics and Foundations. Ryan has recently been hired by Western Washington University to head their Ceramics program.