Michael Gargiulo

June 6-27, 2015

Michael Gargiulo,  Charbel , Lambda print, 2014

Michael Gargiulo, Charbel, Lambda print, 2014

Michael Gargiulo

Class conflict comes to a head in Gargiulo’s paintings and drawings. Inspired by his childhood in a declining Cleveland, Ohio, Gargiulo examines the discord that comes with a scarcity of opportunity. Gargiulo’s enamel paintings repeat class-based platitudes, e.g., “private property” and “whiteness,” to challenge their boundaries. His photographs document individuals bearing arms in an effort to protect their property. Gargiulo’s work examines economic inequality and asks: who is accountable?

Michael Gargiulo was born in 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated in 2014 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from The Ohio State University. Gargiulo has participated in the Fergus Scholarship Award Exhibition (OSU Urban Arts Space) and You Call That Art? (Columbus Cultural Arts Center)