The Page Collective | Sandra Erbacher

The Page Collective,  Where We Left Off

The Page Collective, Where We Left Off

The Page Collective

The Page Collective is an artist collaboration group that facilitates community engagement through site-specific installations. The work is invested in exploration, education, and research, taking the form of participatory art projects. The Page Collective’s recent installation project, “Where We Left Off”, encompasses a collection of books from The Fine Arts Library, at The Ohio State University. The Page Collective searched the stacks to find bookmarks, the materials they discovered ranged from family photos to scraps of paper. This project emphasizes what the patrons of the library find noteworthy; the installation invites viewers to flip through books and remark the pages. As a result there is an ephemeral quality to the exhibition.

Sandra Erbacher,  Gateway 2000

Sandra Erbacher, Gateway 2000

Sandra Erbacher

Erbacher’s work investigates ideological systems as represented by institutions within specific socio-historical contexts. Her latest works examine the institutional as an abstract, formless, and bureaucratic entity, rather than a particular socio-cultural mechanism or authority. Erbacher’s objects are unruly and through their “failure” they subvert the systems and structures they are supposed to perpetuate from within.