Jon P Geiger

August 5-26, 2017

Jon P. Geiger,  Waco , 2017, stoneware, 15 x 12 in.

Jon P. Geiger, Waco, 2017, stoneware, 15 x 12 in.

Jon P. Geiger

Geiger stocks the gallery with a series of small ceramic works that walk the line between abstract forms, paperweights and rendered landscapes. While the sculptures are completed works in and of themselves, they are also models for larger ideas. Geiger’s process is influenced by both natural and mediated landscapes with the resulting product intended to serve both literally as a personal marker and figuratively as prompting for our experience with nature and place.

Geiger received his Master in Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of the Art (Bloomfield Hills, MI). He is currently employed as head preparator at the Cranbrook Museum. Geiger has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including No Empty Vessel, Gildar Gallery (Denver, CO), Nothing that Gleams, Three Walls (Chicago, IL ), and A Place to Rest the Head, Holding House, Detroit, MI (collaboration with Lindsey Dezman). His work can be found in the permanent collections of the Cranbrook Art Museum (Bloomfield Hills, MI) and New Mexico State University (Las Cruces, NM).