Jaye Schlesinger

June 3-24, 2017

Jaye Schlesinger,  Stack of Hardcover Books , 2016, oil on panel.

Jaye Schlesinger, Stack of Hardcover Books, 2016, oil on panel.

Jaye Schlesinger

Schlesinger exhibits POSSESSED, a series of nearly 400 small paintings that depict each of her personal possessions. The series began when Schlesinger decided to downsize of her belongings, and is informed by an interest in mindfulness and minimalism. Some paintings show objects that are purely practical, while some show objects that exist for beauty alone. By culling and then dutifully representing each object, Schlesinger raises questions about value, quantity and practicality in regards to the things we own and the reasons we keep them. 

Schlesinger is an artist living and working in Ann Arbor MI. She received an MFA in both Medical Illustration, and in Painting at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI). Prior to that, she received her BA in Psychology at Washington University (St. Louis, MO). Schlesinger has exhibited her work in various venues including Gallery Henoch, (New York, NY), Ann Arbor Art Center (Ann Arbor, MI) and Forest Avenue Design Collective (Birmingham, MI). She has recently completed two residences, PLAYA (Summer Lake, OR) and Millay Colony for the Arts (Austerlitz, NY).