ImageOHIO 18

January 2018.JPG

ROY G BIV Gallery proudly presents ImageOHIO 18, our 18th annual exhibition of the best recent photo, video and digital art. This year’s juror Manjari Sharma selected 39 works by 33 artists.


Juror bio: Manjari Sharma (born and raised in Mumbai, India) makes work that is rooted in portraiture addressing the issues of identity, multiculturalism, and personal mythology. Manjari's work has been recognized, awarded, published and exhibited internationally. Manjari is represented in New York City by ClampArt gallery and Richard Levy Gallery based in New Mexico.  


Exhibiting artists include:

Diana Abells, Tim Albon, Josh Arnold, Jordan Baraniecki, Sharyn Beodeker, Fair Brane, Eric Broz, Claire Bubeck, Odette Chavez-Mayo, Abbey Cowan, Nathan Ford, Tom Hubbard, Lynn Kim, Michael Koerner, Kent Krugh, Patrick McColgan, Yue Nakayama, Erek Nass, Victoria Piper, Mark Reamy, Tanner Reckling, Jared Ricardo, Angie Rucker, Benedict Scheuer, Nick Skowron, Kaitlyn Jo Smith, Duncan Snyder, Jacob Strous, Zachariah Szabo, Crystal Tursich, Tasha Wentling and Zenger