Galen Gibson-Cornell

April 1-29, 2017

Galen Gibson-Cornell,  Kick Your Friends , 2016, cut paper

Galen Gibson-Cornell, Kick Your Friends, 2016, cut paper

Galen Gibson-Cornell

Galen Gibson-Cornell exhibits collages made from posters, flyers and bills he pulls from the walls of public spaces in Berlin, Germany. He alters them by dissecting the paper and systematically recombining his cuttings with a series of algorithmic instructions. Likening the papers that coat the walls of bus stations, signs, overpasses and city walls to a skin that covers the city, and his process to a surgical procedure, Gibson-Cornell brings new life to his found materials by altering their form and offering a new existence.  

Gibson-Cornell is a visual artist working at the intersection of urban commentary, found-material collage, and studio-based printmaking.  An itinerant traveler, he creates a studio practice by exploring cities and deconstructing the resulting materials, thoughts, and experiences into methodical and meditative artworks. Holding a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin, Gibson-Cornell works intermittently between Madison, WI and Berlin, Germany.  Born and raised in small-town Missouri, he demonstrates a professional and cultural fascination with European cities, focusing on creative projects in Berlin; Budapest, Hungary (for which he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship); Venice, Italy; and Novi Sad, Serbia.