Gabe Michael Kenney

August 6-27, 2016

Gabe Kenney, chart from  Test Zone 9

Gabe Kenney, chart from Test Zone 9

Gabe Michael Kenney: Test Zone 9

Kenney’s interactive installation quarantines the gallery with plastic sheathing and florescent lighting. Complete with didactic maps, charts and geometric designs, the installation will present new age ideologies and abstract visions of the future. During the opening reception, the artist will perform in character while inside his fabricated space. Kenney’s work propels themes of self-awareness, social reform and global connectedness.

Kenney hails from the Laurel Highlands in southwestern Pennsylvania and currently lives and works in Columbus, OH. He received his MFA at Pennsylvania State University and his BFA from Western State Colorado University. Kenney recently completed artist residencies at Arteles Creative Center in Haukijarvi, Finland, and at RAIR: Recycled Artist in Residency in Philadelphia.