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ROY Presents


Joshua Penrose: Light Paintings

The digital space is invisible, opaque, and subterranean. It exists through the aggregation of other, subsidiary digital objects such as files and data streams. Information, chunked and abstracted, is stored on a variety of magnetic media such as drives and servers.  They generally enter our experience visually, through symbols and images, mediated by screens within a frame.  These mediated symbols inside the frame are several steps removed from both their real and sensual objecthood.  The real digital objects remain phenomenologically invisible, withdrawn, hidden and opaque. Joshua received the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award this year.

Learn more about Joshua’s work at a ROY Talks July 6 2:30 pm


Kelli Williams: ONLOOKER

ONLOOKER is a series of animated portraits that explores the concepts of agency, power, and the virtual gaze.

Later Event: June 14