Ann Bartges

August 1-29, 2015

Ann Bartges,  Glasses , 2015, video projection, glasses

Ann Bartges, Glasses, 2015, video projection, glasses

Ann Bartges

Bartges’ video installations attempt to gain access to the inner self through tools, machines, and screens. Bartges uses video projection and photography to reference medical visualization techniques like fluoroscopy and ultrasound, creating installations that appear to move through layers of the body. Bartges finds inspiration in early X-ray radiographs, which were the first images to show people their internal bodies and were sometimes exchanged between lovers as token of intimacy. The works in this exhibition imagine a path between medical data of the physical self and the understanding of one’s inner consciousness.

Ann Bartges lives and works in Farmington, Maine. Bartges earned her MFA from the Stamps School of Art & Design at University of Michigan in 2014 and her BFA from the School of Art & Design at Alfred University in 2005. She is currently a Lecturer at University of Maine Farmington in the Department of Sound, Performance and Visual Inquiry. Bartges has participated in exhibitions in the United States, Denmark, and Australia.